Renewing Hearts

It all starts with when people are supernaturally transformed by encountering Jesus and receiving Him as Savior and Lord. The Bible tells us that God does a heart transplant. He removes our old rebellious, selfish heart and replaces it with a new heart that treasures Jesus and wants to obey His will and commandments.

Restoring Homes

A transformed person will impact others. This naturally begins in one’s family. Jesus wants to transform our marriage relationships and our family dynamics. Strong marriages and families bring Christ glory while they strengthen the fabric of our churches and communities.

Reforming Culture

Transformed people transform culture. Jesus commissioned the Church to disciple nations. We do this by leading people to Christ and then teaching them to obey Him in every area of their lives. We believe Jesus is Lord over everything!

Reaching Nations

The Great Commission must become the Great Completion! Since every tribe and nation will be represented in heaven, our task is to share the gospel with those people groups who have yet to hear. We are committed to spreading the fame of His name throughout the unreached nations of the world.