The cross forever establishes the love and compassion that God has for His people. People are precious to God. At Living Stones, we are committed to loving, encouraging, and nurturing people as they grow and mature in Christ. We want to see lost people, both in our communities and in the nations of the world, experience the joy and satisfaction that is found in knowing God!


We believe prayer is the birthplace of all true ministry. Prayer highlights our insufficiency and powerlessness and magnifies the all-sufficiency and power of God. As we pray, we expect God’s supernatural intervention as essential to the accomplishment of His vision for our church.


People who know God are people with purpose. We believe God has a great destiny for every believer. Each person has unique gifts, callings, and abilities God desires to use for His eternal purposes. As Living Stones, God desires to shape, polish, and place us into His Church for the purpose of spreading His salvation, healing, and restoration throughout the earth!


True Christianity is relational. God wants intimacy with His people. While religious programs and rituals are nice, we believe God’s presence is far better. Our desire, both individually and corporately, is to become a habitation for the presence of God. We desire to know him through both the Word and the Holy Spirit. True Christianity is a relationship with Christ. It follows that our times of celebration should be marked by a tangible sense of the Lord’s presence among His people.


We are the Church of the Living God. This means we are full of life! We love Jesus with holy passion. We want our worship to be both authentic and filled with zeal. Because Jesus was anointed with the oil of joy, we want our gatherings to be joyful, fun-filled celebrations! God is looking for true worshippers who love Him with white-hot affection. We believe God is greatly glorified by our passionate hunger and thirst for more of Him in our lives. We want our worship to accurately mirror God’s infinite worth.